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Welcome to submit recipe page. Here you can submit recipes to

To Submit recipe using this form You have to be registered and logged in to, also you need to provide recipe name, recipe description, URL pointing to your recipe and one high quality picture of prepared dish.

Your submitted recipe will appear on Public Recipe after our moderation team will approves it.

Please read recipe submission guidelines provided below.

Submission Guidelines

Who can submit?

Contribution is open to anyone who registers.

What can I submit?

You can submit recipe represented by an image. Public Recipe editorial team review each submission and decide which submissions to publish to the front.

How does one submit?

  1. Register.  you only have to be registered to submit.
  2. Provide recipe title.
  3. Provide recipe description.
  4. Add ingredients and directions(one per line) if you want, But it is not necessary.
  5. Upload an image of  finished dish that is at least 800×600 px. It’s nothing fancy, so if you need to fix colors, contrast, or resize, please do that before uploading.
  6. Assign categories to help other people discover your submissions.
  7. Enter a link that goes to a specific recipe post (permalink), not a site’s homepage.
  8. If you do not provide link to your recipe post, than you need to enter full recipe ingredients and directions for other people to prepare dish.
  9. Submit and wait patiently while we moderate and publish.
What gets published?

There are four things that make up a submission: recipe title, recipe description, image and link. All four have to be “good” in order for a submission to get published to the front.

Recipe title and description — simply write a recipe title and description that is informative. At the very least, state what is in the picture.
We reject submissions with recipe title and description that didn’t have any detail about what’s in the image or on the other side of the link. Recipe title and description are important because they help people search and find your submissions.
Please do not write anything that sounds like advertising, marketing, PR, or a sales pitch, e.g. “Click here,” “Come check out…” “Learn how to…” We group all of it under SPAM. Leave it up to the reader to base his or her decision to click through on the image, the caption, and their own interests.
Image — High quality image of an finished dish. PublicRecipe is visually driven, so the quality of the image is important.

(Also, whatever it is, please make sure you have permission to submit the image, either because you own the image, or because the image falls under a license that allows you to share it.)

(Image) size matters. Images have to be larger than 600 pixel tall and 800 pixel wide(or must be in the same proportion) otherwise they will be too small to fill in the entire post.

No text or graphics. Unless it is absolutely essential to the image, we prefer that there is no text or graphical elements added to the image. This includes borders, text, and watermarks.

People. Images of people are fine, especially if they are well-known or famous, but we very rarely publish pictures of you, your kids, or pictures that link to blog posts with a lot of personal photos.

Link — Goes somewhere with additional, interesting information

The link is just as important as the image because it leads to additional information in the form of a blog post with original content of a recipe.

We don’t usually publish submissions that link to a site’s homepage.

Miscellaneous Notes and Tips on Submissions

Categories. Categories and tags are not required for submissions, but they are required for publication to the front page (it helps readers find your posts).

That should do it for the Submissions Guidelines. If you have additional questions, you can contact us. We’re doing out best to provide all of the information there.